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What Is A Residential Femtocell?

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Here’s a great infographic explaining the benefits of femtocells to you and me: some people think they are just for giving better reception at home if you have poor mobile network coverage, but in my experience they are much more than that! (I have a Sure Signal at home). They are great for surfing the web or using mobile Facebook while watching TV: and compared to WiFi, you don’t need to key in a password, they are much more secure and make your phone’s battery last much longer.

And another thing you can’t do with WiFi but you do get with femtocells is presence and location awareness. Smartphones are great for figuring out where they are when they are outdoors but not so good indoors – all that brick and glass prevents GPS from working properly. In future, femtocells can tell the network where the phone is so when you click on Google Maps it can tell you where you’re nearest doctor or baker is located, even from your sofa.

If you are worried that they are difficult to set up – don’t be. I just plugged my Sure Signal into my DSL router and it configured itself. All I had to do was go online and enter the mobile phone numbers that I wanted to use the femtocell. (Don’t worry, you won’t have to share your femtocell and broadband connection with anyone else).




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